Rule of Nines 九规则


Hello everybody.. It’s been a while since my last post. I guess I really have to give up on writing in Chinese since it really inhibits my will to write and post. Hahaha..

Well today I have a chat with my new friend. I just recently have a chat with him. So lets say his name is A. We chat about a lot of things. Our today conversation is all about the life of people like us.

You know sometimes our life can be so free and wild. But IMO it’s really common and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re not attached and be responsible for your own decisions and actions. Oh and the most important always PLAY SAFE..^^

A also agree with my opinion but somehow he said that after stuck in that kind of life you will start to feel empty inside. As he said that I replied that it’s true you will feel empty as the pleased body part of ours is only count as 1%.

I also recall my college time when I studied the Rule of Nines. It is the rule to estimate the burn wound degree of the burn victims. The rule is very simple, each part of our body represents 9% of our body surface. The part divided into 11 sections which are:

1. Head
2. Upper abdomen
3. Lower abdomen
4. Upper back
5. Lower back
6. Right arm
7. Left arm
8. Front part of right leg
9. Back part of right leg
10. Front part of left leg
11. Back part of left leg

As you calculate, you will find that the total percentage is only 99%. And the rule will leave groin as 1% of our body surface. See that tiny part of our body right? LOL

Well I think this rule has its own philosophy. You can’t ignore that 1% part of your body, because that 1% is the one that makes we as 100% human. But we can’t just concentrate and focus on that one since we also have other 99%. And I think that’s the reason why you will feel empty when you stuck with that “fun” thing.

Happy Easter 复活结块了


Wow!! I can’t believe it’s already another Easter. So, happy Easter for all my friends out there who celebrate it. Umm, to be honest I don’t really know which one is right, Easter or Eastern? For me myself I think it’s Easter, but some of my Christian friends post it with Eastern. And since I’m not really a Christian, I don’t really want to debate his posting. LOL

Well, this week is kinda short and hectic. Short coz we all know that we just work from Monday till Thursday (sorry for those who work on Saturday or maybe Sunday). A lot happened at the office. My big big boss got angry to me, and a lot of other unpleasant things in the office. But in the end, it’s the long weekend coming, aaaaaaand…… Yaaaayy!! He came to visit last Thursday. Not really visit me actually, because he got a meeting to attend. The meeting was held in a 5-star hotel. He got one night stay for free. So he do invited me and we stayed together. We dined, watched a movie, and then we backed to the hotel. The night was really awesome, we chat and joked a lot. I was really glad to see he giggled and laughed a lot..^^

After two days spent with him, he left me. He got a free trip to Korea from his office. He went there with his boss. So I will be far far away from him for 6 days or so. The night when he left, we got a pretty big argument. It makes me sad, just to think it over again. But hey, the fight makes us know each other more. It really was just a simple misunderstanding. But I really do have to learn and be more patient. Well I do admit that sometimes I can be such a jerk and so selfish. I do need to work on that point so hard.. *sigh* I know that he deserves someone so much better than me, but he still choose and stay with me in the end. So sweet of him, isn’t it?

The other two days on the weekend spent with my parents. They came to visit and see how’s their dearest son doing. LOL.. Well of course one of the mission is to check whether their son already have a GF or not (poor me… >,<”)Spend time with my parents always put my patience in a test. I really have to be patient coz they’re way to moody and sometimes can be so picky. IMO, these last two days I haven’t gave my best to them. I really have a short fuse when I deal with them, another weak point I guess. But this night, I managed to say “love you Dad, love you Mom”. An expression that’s so hard for me to say to them. In my family it’s not really a custom to say one’s feeling like that. But I do managed to said that to them. I hope they know that I really meant it.

Soooooo… Easter this year for me is all about improvement. And let me close my post with a quote took from my year book. We’re all imperfect, but we can do our best to avoid mistakes. Good night and HAPPY EASTER!!!

The First Post 第一岗


Hello all my friend out there. Welcome to my blog.

大家好 !欢迎到我的博克。


To be honest this is not my first blog. But for now I don’t really remember my first blog name. So I prefer to just forget about it.



First of all I’d like to thanks many friends out there that keep encourage me to write, well here I am trying. May you enjoy this one.



The main reason why I write this one is of course to practice my writing skill. I’ll try my best to keep posting both in English and Chinese. I will use a lot of Google Translate and dictionary to do so. LOL. Happy reading people.